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Le Soir Venu / Jabadaw Schottische No. 1

Revisiting a couple of tunes I learned in the 90’s for the vaults bar lockdown sessions. These are 2 pretty great schottisches, and I think they work very well together. The first is written by Stephane Durand and is a fairly well known tune on the french bal scene – Stephane is a great french hurdy gurdy player. I learned it in the traditional way, from Jo Freya’s band Tanteeka’s CD. The second comes from Manchester based euro bal dance band Jabadaw, and in particular from their multi-instrumentalists (actually I think they were all multi-instrumentalists), Martin Keates. It’s recorded on their CD, but simply labelled as ‘Schottische No. 1’. It’s a great tune and deserves a name I think.

Played for the vaults bar lockdown session in March 2021 – trying to do 2 recordings each week for the local session facebook group. Played on a Hohner Club I in C/F

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The Wrong Turn

Revisiting this lovely mazurka written by Anne Marie Summers, a fine english bagpiper known for her duo with Steve Tyler, Misericordia active in both the early music and bal folk scenes in the UK. Played for the Vaults bar lockdown sessions in March 2020; trying to do a couple of these recording each week. Played on a Hohner Club I melodeon in C/F, so we’re in G minor.

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Da Slockit Light

A classic shetland air written by shetland fiddler, Tom Anderson. Slockit translates to (roughly) broken, and was written as he noticed there were less house lights on his island than in his youth – more people were leaving.

Normally played in D, I’ve got the C/F Hohner Club 1 out today, and am playing on the inside row, so I’m in F. tune of the month for March 2021.

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Bonny at Morn

A traditional english song, played here on melodeon (not singing, don’t worry), recorded for both the vaults bar lockdown session and the theme of ‘tunes that start with B’ (working our way through the alphabet!). Can’t believe I haven’t recorded this on the channel before, though I did of course record it with Mark Prescott, here …. about 20 years ago. This time (sorry Mark) I’m in D minor on a C/F Hohner Club 1.

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An Dro

OK folks, what’s this tune called? This is quite a popular session tune in the UK, and though it is an an dro (breton dance), I’m playing it more in session style, than dance style. It was popularised by the Late Night Band in the 1980/1990’s in the UK; it’s a 4 parter… you know, that one. What’s it called?

Played on a D/G Hohner Pokerwork.

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The South Wind

Thought I’ve have a quick go at this one for the vaults bar online session; the sort of thing I might play in a session, but I don’t think I ever have. It’s quite nice – perhaps I will once things open up?

Played on a Castagnari Giasco in D/G.

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The Northern Lass

My, haven’t played this in a while. Nice tune, trad English, learned in the traditional way… off a Roger Wilson CD.

Played on a G/C/# Van der Aa Compact III

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A ‘sweet as a nut’ tune written by Ale Moller, and learned in the traditional way, off a Chris Wood and Andy Cutting CD.

Played on a Castagnari Giasco in D/G.

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A Sad Farewell

Another lockdown session contribution for the Vaults Bar in Stony Stratford – just learned this one. It’s written by American guitarist/singer Jim Henry, whose concerts with Tracy Grammer I’ve been listening to a lot lately. They’re pretty fantastic; find them here on youtube if you haven’t already.

Played on a Castagnari Mory in D/G

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I Like You You’re Common

Another recording for the vaults bar lockdown sessions in Stony Stratford. I’ve played pretty much everything I know by now, but not this one. This is an Andy Cutting tune, written for the Cecil Sharp project collaboration in about 2015 I think. Nice simple one row tune with lots of drive.

Played on a Castagnari Mory in D/G (but exclusively on the D row).

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