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Category: G/C

The Northern Lass

My, haven’t played this in a while. Nice tune, trad English, learned in the traditional way… off a Roger Wilson CD.

Played on a G/C/# Van der Aa Compact III

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A cracking tune written by Kjell-Erik Eriksson of Hoven Droven, and quite popular on the session scene a while back. Played on a 1920’s Hohner in G/C, so we’re in the key of C. tune of the month for February 2021.

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The Windmill played by Mark Prescott and Clive Williams

Mark and I used to play this tune many years ago; it’s dropped out of our repertoire more recently, though in hindsight perhaps it shouldn’t have. I recorded the original track last week; Mark sent me his track shortly after, and with a bit of mixing, here we are!

The tune is by Ben Dauncey, a phenomenal melodeon player from south England.

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The Windmill

This cracking waltz was (I think) written by English box player Ben Dauncey. Other than a video of Ben playing it, long since taken down, I don’t think I’ve heard any other versions of it. It’s a great tune. Played in Am on a G/C Van der Aa box. It was originally written in Am, and Ben used to play it on a 3 row D/G box with an unusual third row, half in A, half in C#.

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La Seduisante played by Vivant

This 5 time waltz is another Stephane Delicq tune, which Mark and I are working up at the minute. With the lockdown restarting things are on pause for a bit, but we recorded this a week ago for the Vaults Bar lockdown session a few days before lockdown started again.

I’m playing the Van der Aa Compact III in G/C.

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Nadieja played by Vivant

This mazurka was written by Stephane Delicq, whose music I’m very much into at the moment; learning up quite a few of his tunes. We haven’t recorded this on our CDs (yet) – who knows perhaps one day we will. If you’re interested in seeing what we have recorded visit

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Vas Y Mimile

Marc Perrone’s classic tune, and an absolute nightmare to learn. Another tune I’ve known for goodness knows how many years, but not actually played in earnest. Here we go! Played for the Vaults Bar lockdown session, October 2020. Not that I’d ever have the nerve to try this in a real session. It’s in 4 parts, (approx) structure, A-B-C-B-D-B-A-B.

Played on a Van der Aa Compact III in G/C

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Eklunda Polska No 3

Recorded for the vaults lockdown session, 2020 – a traditional Swedish Polska. I make no claims as to accuracy of the Polska rhythm however – they’re a bit of a beast to master.

Played on a van der aa compact iii in G/C.

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I’ve recorded this for the Vaults bar virtual session; the real thing being still out of commission, courtesy of the 2020 covid 19 epidemic.

An experimentation with a different audio/video recording setup too; inspired to experiment by some of the great quality recordings I’ve seen by professional musicians doing lockdown videos. I think the sound is vastly improved – this is the best sounding recording I’ve ever got of the Van der Aa which I’ve always found hard to record with good balance. Video is rubbish though. Ah well, lesson learned – different camera next time.

Played on a Van der Aa Compact III in G/C.

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