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The Origin of the World on Electronic Melodeon

This is Dave Shepherd’s classic Mazurka as played on Blowzabella’s album Octomento and is’s tune of the month for March 2019. Quite a tricky one on melodeon. Here I’m playing it on a Streb electronic melodeon through midi to Mixcraft on a PC, and running it through a few different string samples. This isn’t multi tracked – it’s played (more or less) live.

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Haste to the Wedding played on Electronic Melodeon

A somewhat unusual melodeon version of Haste to the Wedding, played on a Streb electronic melodeon plugged into an iPad via iRig Midi, and running the midi processor ThumbJammer on it. I’ve gone for the string quartet version here 🙂

This is a single take, no overdubbing – it’s all done by using the melodeon’s treble, chords and bass.’s tune of the month for January 2015.

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Christmas Day Ida Moarning on Electronic Melodeon

Here’s my contribution to’s Christmas Tunes theme of the month; this gorgeous ‘listening tune’ from Shetland, written by Shetland fiddler Fredamann Stickle who used to play this tune to the laird every Christmas apparently.

Played in D on a Streb electronic melodeon using a sample set taken from a dry tuned Castagnari melodeon, although with these settings it sounds rather more expressive and almost like a harmonica I would say.

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Toby Dog Waltz,

Tim Van Eyken’s waltz, as played by Toby Dog on BBC’s Abney and Teal TV programme. Played on an electronic Streb melodeon in A/D, using one-row melodeon samples. Theme of the Month for June 2013, TV Tunes

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The Sloe

The traditional English dance tune, The Sloe, played on a Streb Electronic Melodeon in D/G. Tune of the Month October 2011

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2 Hanter Dro

2 traditional Breton Hanter Dro tunes played on double tracked melodeon by Clive Williams. The melodeons are both Streb electronic melodeons tuned in G/C. Part of’s Theme of the Month for October 2011, ‘Tunes from Brittany’

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Kettle Drum / Glory of the West

Here we have 2 Playford tunes (i.e. tunes from 17th century England, collected and published by John Playford), Kettle Drum and Glory of the West. I learned these off the playing of Chris Wood, and a fantastic twin fiddle version of these can be found on his album with JF Vrod, Crossing.

Played on a Streb electronic melodeon with unisonoric basses tuned to A/D (I think) – the tune itself comes out in Em.

Part of’s Theme of the Month for February 2011, Playford Tunes.

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