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Tag: october

Une Autre Fois / Le Canal en Octobre

Here we have 2 french schottisches written by Frederic Paris, Une Autre Fois and Le Canal en Octobre, part of’s Tune of the Month for October 2010. Visit for lots more alternative versions!

Played by Clive Williams on a Castagnari Mory in D/G (with unisonoric basses, not that that really matters for these tunes).

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Speed the Plough Take 2

Played on a Streb in D/G and then Dmin/Gmin as part of’s tune of the month October 2009. I’ve changed the time signature a bit – we’re now in 5/4 time. Not quite as smooth as Stephane Delicq yet, but I’m getting there!

The Dmin/Gmin section is literally that – the keyboard is programmed using a variant of John Spiers’ rather cunning minor tuning layout (you’ll find a keyboard layout somewhere on I expect).

You might notice a slight jump in the camera as I jump from major to minor. Camera trickery at work as I change the keyboard layout on the Streb!

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