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Tag: melodeon

Set La Cardeuse

Theme of the month at for February 2024 is tunes from Canada. I’ve known these tunes a long time, but never tried to play them, so here they go… they fit on a standard 2 row Hohner Pokerwork in D/G just fine.

I learned them from the playing of Chris Wood, who learned from Martin Carthy, who learned from Lisa Ornstein. I’m sure it’s lost a lot of its original quebecois-ness on the way, but they remain great tunes. I gather the second tune is La Cardeuse, and the first unnamed, unless you know different.

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Zakynthos Jig

Here’s Roger Wilson’s 48 bar jig, played on an a Castagnari Lilly in A/D (so in B minor I think). Lovely tune, written by one of my favourite musicians, and quite hard to fit on a 2 row 8 bass box.

Played for’s theme of the month for November 2023.

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Robin’s Waltz

A waltz written by Jon Swayne (of Blowzabella fame). Some versions stick an extra bar on the end of the B music – I don’t. Played on a Hohner 1920’s G/C melodeon for’s tune of the month, September 2023.

This melodeon is for sale (as of 9/9/23); see if interested.

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Winster Gallop

Nice simple tune this one, played for’s theme of the month – tunes starting with W.

Played on Saltarelle Elfique D/G, in G.

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Roslin Castle Schottische

A reworking of the lovely Scottish air Roslin Castle, which I’ve recorded elsewhere on the channel. Speed it up a bit, and you get this, which I think is a cracking schottische.

Played on a Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb.

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Rainbow Connection

Rainbow Connection is from the The Muppet Movie, written by Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher. It’s the song sung by Kermit the Frog, of course. What a sweet, gorgeous waltz it makes! I learned this tune this morning (heard it on TV last night), and here it is.’s theme of the month for January 2023, Tunes with names that start with R (working our way through the alphabet).

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See Amidst the Winter Snow

The tune of a carol written in 1871 by John Goss. We’re doing’s usual Christmas theme of the month, and this is a lovely carol. There are words of course to the real thing, written by Henry Ramsden Bramley and John Stainer, but I’m not singing!

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Mrs Casey’s’s tune of the month for December 2022; this is apparently a more widely known version than the one I’ve known for past 20+ years – I’ve been completely oblivious to it!

Here we go, nice minor twinge to it, played on a Bb/Eb Hohner Pokerwork.

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Quadrille de Laurentides pt4 / Unknown Reel played on Electronic Melodeon

The first of 2 recordings; this month, I’m using a Streb electronic melodeon, which features in-built melodeon samples, and midi output. Here I’ve got a sampled Hohner 1-row sound on the melody, and I’m using the bass to drive a piano line via midi. It’s a lot of fun to play, especially fast stuff.

These 2 tunes are Quebecois in origin, but I’ve learned this set from the playing on Chris Wood and Andy Cutting’s CD ‘Lisa’ – 30 years old this year. Where did that time go? No idea what the second tunes called, but it’s a cracker – if you know drop me a note.

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Old Light

A lovely air written by Andy Cutting, learned in the traditional way… from his CD. I’m playing this on a Bb/Eb Hohner Preciosa, so we’re in C minor. Part of’s theme of the month for August 2022, tunes with names that start with O.

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