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Tag: mazurka

The Sussex Waltz

A mazurka’d implementation of this traditional English waltz, commonly played as a bourree in the style of Tim Van Eyken’s version. I think it makes a nicer mazurka 🙂

Played on a D/G Castagnari Giasco; tune of the month for July 2014.

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Le Lac de St Croix

Pascale Rubens (of Naragonia) wrote this wonderful tune and gave kind permission for us at to use it for our Tune of the Month, so here it is, Tune of the Month for August 2013. A mazurka, deceptively simple to play, and fits on a 2 row melodeon beautifully. Here played on a modified Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb.

With apologies for the ‘sad clown’ face; I’m having a good time, really I am!

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Stolen Kiss

Anyone know what this tune’s called? Aha, now I know. It’s Ronan Hardiman’s tune from Lord of the Dance, ‘Stolen Kiss’.

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In Continental Mood Mazurka

A reworking of Andy Cutting’s ‘In Continental Mood’, played as a mazurka, and in harmonic minor. Somewhat different to the original! Theme of the Month for January 2012, Mazurkas

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