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Liberty Bell Masquerade

A version of Souza’s Liberty Bell brutalised and squeezed into fitting (very approximately) the folk dance ‘Swedish Masquerade’ and intended to be used as an alternative tune for that dance (which whenever I’ve met it has *always* been done to the same tune).

This involves playing the A music once, as a ‘stately march’, whatever that is. Then the B music once, as a waltz. Then the C music twice, as a fast polka. We quietly forget about the rest. And we transpose the whole thing to the same key, completely ignoring the key changes of the original. In keeping with the tv series, there are plenty of ‘Monty Python’ moments in this version; some intentional, some not. I don’t even know which are which!

I don’t happen to have a spare room full of Swedish Masquerade dancers to try this out of course; if you do, why don’t you try it out and let me know how it goes?

One of many arrangements of the Liberty Bell March played as part of’s tune of the month for September 2010.

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