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West End Mazurka

This fantastic mazurka was written by my good friend Chris Shaw; normally it’s played by GIG CB in a mostly fiddle led sound in D minor, but here I’m trying it on a G/C Hohner Lilliput, and it’s in A minor.’s theme of the month; playing tunes by other melnet members.

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Willow Express,

A double tracked version of Chris Shaw’s 48 bar jig, Willow Express. Part of’s theme of the month 48 Bar Jigs. As played by GIGCB (lots), and here played on a Castagnari Mory in D/G.

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Spaghetti Panic (jig version)

Spaghetti Panic is a weird and wonderful tune in 7/8 time with bits of 4/4 in it written by Andy Cutting, and a favourite with Blowzabella. Alan Day took it, surgically removed a few notes, and produced this cracking 32 bar jig, which if you go to the George Inn session near London Bridge station in London (1st monday of the month, 2nd if the 1st falls on a bank holiday) you’re really quite likely to hear. It’d be played in E minor though. Here I play it in C minor, because I’ve got a Bb/Eb preciosa, and I love playing it. theme of the month for November 2010 – ‘Favourites from your local session’

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