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Tag: electronic

Leyas Vaggvisa

Here’s my take on Lars Karlsson’s tune Leyas Vaggvisa. I’ve reworked it into the style of a nordic bridal march, turning the time signature into 4/4 in the process. It works quite well (I think) but the sound quality isn’t what I’d hoped – I’m recording directly from the Streb’s line output using the internal midi synthesiser. I’m playing mostly on the inside row of a Bb/Eb melodeon setting. tune of the month for October 2019.

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Toby Dog Waltz,

Tim Van Eyken’s waltz, as played by Toby Dog on BBC’s Abney and Teal TV programme. Played on an electronic Streb melodeon in A/D, using one-row melodeon samples. Theme of the Month for June 2013, TV Tunes

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2 Hanter Dro

2 traditional Breton Hanter Dro tunes played on double tracked melodeon by Clive Williams. The melodeons are both Streb electronic melodeons tuned in G/C. Part of’s Theme of the Month for October 2011, ‘Tunes from Brittany’

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