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Tag: diatonique

Eleanor Plunkett

Well, I like this tune. It made tune of the month after we all saw a lovely take on it by Roland Carson, so I’ve learned it up, and here we are. It seems to sit on this box, a Castagnari Giasco I in D/G just beautifully – like it was made for this tune. It’s an O’Carolan air of course. tune of the month for June 2017

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Pterodactyl 2 Step / Drowsy Dragon

2 fantastic tunes written by Huw Williams (no relation!) and played as a showstopping set in the middle of Huw and Tony Williams’ gigs. Huw would lament how he’d right all these fantastic songs – he’s an outstanding songwriter, singer and guitarist – then people would come up and go ‘play the melodeon one mate’ … and this is it. Freakishly inventive and really quite tricky… talented, talented chap is old Huw. Played on a Hohner pokerwork in D/G, which you pretty much have to, because of how the accidentals work.’s theme of the month for June 2017 is ‘animals’. Didn’t say it had to be either non-extinct or non-fictional animals!

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Floating from Skerry

This tune was written by Lynn Tocker, a fine piano accordion player from Northumberland. A search of youtube should find her version… which is better than this one 🙂 Played as part of’s theme of the month for January 2017. “Nautical tunes” on a A/D Castagnari Lilly

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Rue de Pres

OK, and we’re back. Stephane Durand’s famous schottische –’s tune of the month for January 2017. Played on a Castagnari Lilly in A/D (in D).

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The Sweetness of Mary’s tune of the month for Nov 2016, Joan MacDonald Boes’s strathspey, here played in D on an A/D 1980’s vintage Castagnari Lilly.

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Stephane Delicq’s gorgeous mazurka is’s tune of the month for October 2016. Played on a Hohner Liliput in G/C amazingly restored and converted by Kay Albrecht at

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Leitrim Thrush

The debut recording of this wonderous little box; a G/C Hohner Liliput converted by Kay Albrecht at .

The tune is the Leitrim Thrush, learned off the Old Hat Dance Band album – an Irish tune, but not very Irish by the time it got to me! Played for’s theme of the month.

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Hole in the Wall

An old English tune which is the tune of the month for April 2016. Played in Eb on a Hohner Preciosa 12 bass in Bb/Eb.

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Here’s Rob Harbron’s gorgeous slow tune Dundas, as featured on the latest Leveret album. Played on a Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb. as part of’s theme of the month for January 2016, Places

Music is available on Rob Harbron’s website,

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