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Halsway by Nigel Eaton, on the My Melodeon iPad App

Introducing the My Melodeon melodeon simulator app for the iPad and iPhone, here being used to play Nigel Eaton’s great tune Halsway. Here we’re simulating my 2.5 row D/G Mory! Other simulators are available for irish (semitone tuned) accordions, B/C/C#, B system and C system chromatics.

Part of’s Tune of the Month for December 2013…

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Theme from Dvorak’s New World Symphony on CBA

A new instrument! I’ve been playing this for 4 days, and it’s literally a new world, hence the tune. So yes, there’s a few stylistic things to sort out, and yes there’s large chunks of the tune missing, but this should give an idea of what this wonderful box sounds like. Now I need to learn to play it properly! This is also known in the UK as the Hovis tune of course, after the TV advert which featured it prominently.

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