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Yxi Kaunis Papillinen Polska

Here’s a traditional Finnish fiddle tune called Yxi Kaunis Papillinen Polska, my entry for’s theme of the month, tunes that start with Y. It turns out to be quite a tricky letter to find a tune for! This one is from the album Zwei Mannborgs, who do an amazing version for two harmoniums. The title broadly translates to ‘one beautiful priestly polska’.

Played on a Castagnari Mory in D/G.

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Sun Assembly

Tune of the month for October 2023 at, a traditional English tune that comes from a 1750’s tune book. It’s a march, but I’m hornpiping it a bit here.

Played on a Hohner Liliput in G/C, converted and rebuilt by Kay Albrecht.

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Lola Flexen

An Andy Cutting tune – a slow 6/8 time thing, with an extra couple of bars in the B music. Recorded on a Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb for theme of the month, September 2023.

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Robin’s Waltz

A waltz written by Jon Swayne (of Blowzabella fame). Some versions stick an extra bar on the end of the B music – I don’t. Played on a Hohner 1920’s G/C melodeon for’s tune of the month, September 2023.

This melodeon is for sale (as of 9/9/23); see if interested.

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Lord Inchiquin

This comes from Turlough Carolan, the irish harpist, repertoire which contains many, many, great tunes. Here played on a Bb/Eb Hohner Preciosa in Bb.

Part of theme of the month for August 2023, Carolan tunes.

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Polperro Bay

Ollie King’s tune, which is tune of the month for July 2023 over at Quite hard to figure out a way to play this without having the full range of low notes, so I’ve gone for playing it (mostly) in the upper octave.

Played on a D/G Castagnari Giasco I in D; I believe the original is written in G.

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Winster Gallop

Nice simple tune this one, played for’s theme of the month – tunes starting with W.

Played on Saltarelle Elfique D/G, in G.

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This cracking tune is a Bruno le Tron composition. I used to play it many, many years ago with GIG CB! – can I still remember it? Well, kind of. Here we go! We used to use this for a Rondeau – it’s a 4 part jig, with an odd little bridge between the 2nd and 3rd parts.

Played for’s ongoing ‘Alphabet Soup’ theme – now we’re on letter V.

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