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Hunt the Squirrel’s tune of the month for Dec 2019 is this classic 32 bar jig; always a favourite of mine. Here played in C on a G/C Hohner Liliput converted by Kay Albrecht.

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Paddy Carey’s

This is’s tune of the month for February 2019. A 48 bar jig in G, here played a bit more slowly than I would normally for dance.

Played on a Castagnari Mory in D/G.

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Adieu Les Filles de Mon Pays

Very appropriately, the tune to this french anti-war song is tune of the month at for November 2018. Played on a Castagnari Giasco I in D/G in the key of D (in fact entirely on the D row).

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Chassepain / Baudemic

This month’s tune of the month from is Gilles Chabenat’s wonderful 2 time bourree, Chassepain. Here I’m playing it with the other tune commonly played with it, Baudemic (also by Gilles Chabenatt). Used to play these years ago when I played a lot of french music, but they’ve kind of dropped out of the repertoire. Nice to learn them back up again.

Played on a Castagnari Mory in D/G, in the key of D (which is what it’s typically played in sessions)

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A mazurka written by Gregory Jolivet of Blowzabella, and learned from their latest album “Two Score”. Fits on melodeon really quite nicely, needing a small accidental note at the end of the B music, but that’s about it.’s theme of the month is mazurkas; this video is part of that. Played on a restored 1920’s Hohner in G/C

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Hole in the Wall

An old English tune which is the tune of the month for April 2016. Played in Eb on a Hohner Preciosa 12 bass in Bb/Eb.

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Halsway by Nigel Eaton, on the My Melodeon iPad App

Introducing the My Melodeon melodeon simulator app for the iPad and iPhone, here being used to play Nigel Eaton’s great tune Halsway. Here we’re simulating my 2.5 row D/G Mory! Other simulators are available for irish (semitone tuned) accordions, B/C/C#, B system and C system chromatics.

Part of’s Tune of the Month for December 2013…

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Le Lac de St Croix

Pascale Rubens (of Naragonia) wrote this wonderful tune and gave kind permission for us at to use it for our Tune of the Month, so here it is, Tune of the Month for August 2013. A mazurka, deceptively simple to play, and fits on a 2 row melodeon beautifully. Here played on a modified Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb.

With apologies for the ‘sad clown’ face; I’m having a good time, really I am!

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