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Tag: 5/4

Michael Turner’s 5 Time Waltz’s Tune of the Month for May 2010 – Michael Turner’s Waltz, except I’ve minorised it, changed the time signature to 5/4, and played it on a G/C tuned Streb to give the full continental feel.

Arranged and played by Clive Williams.

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Speed the Plough Take 2

Played on a Streb in D/G and then Dmin/Gmin as part of’s tune of the month October 2009. I’ve changed the time signature a bit – we’re now in 5/4 time. Not quite as smooth as Stephane Delicq yet, but I’m getting there!

The Dmin/Gmin section is literally that – the keyboard is programmed using a variant of John Spiers’ rather cunning minor tuning layout (you’ll find a keyboard layout somewhere on I expect).

You might notice a slight jump in the camera as I jump from major to minor. Camera trickery at work as I change the keyboard layout on the Streb!

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