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Melodeon Video Posts

La Marianne

The french waltz, La Marianne, as played by and commonly attributed to, Frederic Paris. Played on a Castagnari Mory melodeon in D/G, and part of’s Tune of the Month, January 2010

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Seven Stars,

A traditional jig from goodness knows where, Seven Stars, played by Clive Williams on a Castagnari Lilly melodeon in A/D. Actually played 3 times and multitracked!

Played as part of’s Tune of the Month for December 2010 – come and join us at if you haven’t already!

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When the Land is White with Snow

Here’s a version of a tune by Chris Wood, When the Land is White with Snow. A lovely piece of music (when played by Chris on violin, anyway!), here played on a Castagnari Lilly melodeon in A/D. I’ve been trying to learn this tune for ages… finally got it!

Played as part of’s Theme of the Month for December 2010 – Christmas and Winter Tunes. Come and join us at if you haven’t already.

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Spaghetti Panic (jig version)

Spaghetti Panic is a weird and wonderful tune in 7/8 time with bits of 4/4 in it written by Andy Cutting, and a favourite with Blowzabella. Alan Day took it, surgically removed a few notes, and produced this cracking 32 bar jig, which if you go to the George Inn session near London Bridge station in London (1st monday of the month, 2nd if the 1st falls on a bank holiday) you’re really quite likely to hear. It’d be played in E minor though. Here I play it in C minor, because I’ve got a Bb/Eb preciosa, and I love playing it. theme of the month for November 2010 – ‘Favourites from your local session’

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The Steamboat Hornpipe

A reasonably straight version of the traditional English hornpipe, the Steamboat. Played on an old Hohner 4 stop 1 row in G. This tune seems to suit a one row melodeon very well for some reason.

Played as part of’s Tune of the Month for November 2010 – goto to see lots more versions.

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Silta (Bridge)

Silta (‘Bridge’ in English) was written by Markku Lepisto, a fine melodeon player from Finland. It’s a remarkable tune, in 3 parts and a rather irregular structure.

Markku normally plays it on a G/C; here I’m playing it on a D/G Castagnari Mory. Haven’t got quite all the fancy bass runs that Markku does, but hey, that’s why he’s a professional musician, and I’m not!

Played as part of’s Theme of the Month for October 2010, ‘Tunes from Scandinavia.’.

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Une Autre Fois / Le Canal en Octobre

Here we have 2 french schottisches written by Frederic Paris, Une Autre Fois and Le Canal en Octobre, part of’s Tune of the Month for October 2010. Visit for lots more alternative versions!

Played by Clive Williams on a Castagnari Mory in D/G (with unisonoric basses, not that that really matters for these tunes).

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Liberty Bell Masquerade

A version of Souza’s Liberty Bell brutalised and squeezed into fitting (very approximately) the folk dance ‘Swedish Masquerade’ and intended to be used as an alternative tune for that dance (which whenever I’ve met it has *always* been done to the same tune).

This involves playing the A music once, as a ‘stately march’, whatever that is. Then the B music once, as a waltz. Then the C music twice, as a fast polka. We quietly forget about the rest. And we transpose the whole thing to the same key, completely ignoring the key changes of the original. In keeping with the tv series, there are plenty of ‘Monty Python’ moments in this version; some intentional, some not. I don’t even know which are which!

I don’t happen to have a spare room full of Swedish Masquerade dancers to try this out of course; if you do, why don’t you try it out and let me know how it goes?

One of many arrangements of the Liberty Bell March played as part of’s tune of the month for September 2010.

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Robin Griggs’ “Mike Hurry”

About 3 months ago, a fellow poster Anahata at posted this as part of our then Theme of the Month, “Morris Tunes”. This tune has captivated me since. It’s written by Robin Griggs, melodeon player with Pig Dyke Molly, who passed away in early 2008, as a tribute to another deceased Pig Dyke Molly member, Mike Hurry. Anahata is a current member of Pig Dyke’s musicians, and took this tune and arranged it for a dance in memory of absent friends.

For something that’s written on and for a standard 2 row melodeon, it’s an astonishing tune. It teaches 2 new chords in the first few bars, has a seemingly simple but frustratingly difficult bass rhythm, and plays with chord conventions like they don’t exist.

Played on a newly acquired and restored Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb; I think every melodeon has some tunes that it just loves playing, and this is the tune that this Hohner taught me when it said hello.

Part of’s theme of the month for September 2010 – Tunes you learned on your holidays.

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