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Melodeon Video Posts

Schottische a Bethanie

Played on a C/F Hohner Club 1 (declubbed) melodeon by Clive Williams, part of’s Tune of the Month March 2010.

Hmmm. I never knew that’s what this tune was called! I think I first heard it, a *long* time ago, played by Jim and Annie Whitehill from Longnor, Derbyshire?

When played as a jig, this tune is also known as ‘The Plane Tree’.

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Orange in Bloom (as a Hornpipe)

Played on a Castagnari Giasco 1 D/G melodeon by Clive Williams, part of’s Tune of the Month Feb 2010.

Orange in Bloom is normally played as a waltz in sessions, or as a jig when played for Morris. It also makes a jolly good hornpipe though!

For those of you who haven’t met a Giasco 1 before, it’s effectively a 12 bass Castagnari Lilly, a single voice box with reeds mounted flat to give a concertina type sound. My one has unisonoric basses giving D, G, C, Am, Em, Bm all in both directions.

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Si Bheag Si Mhor

A Carolan piece for’s Theme of the Month, Feb 2010. One of my favourite tunes ever.

Played on a D/G Castagnari Mory melodeon, in the key of D.

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William Irwin’s

Proposed set for Vivant Trio, recorded for Ian and Mark to practice against (hence chords are thoughtfully included) for an upcoming gig.

These 2 tunes are taken from Cock and Bull Band’s 1984 album ‘Eyes Closed and Rocking’.

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Philobelula All the Way

For Vivant Trio; recorded for Ian and Mark to practice against. Everyone else don’t get too excited 🙂

The best Nottingham Swing tune ever.

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Ashokan Farewell

Ashokan Farewell by Jay Ungar. Used by Permission. All rights reserved.

Played on a D/G Castagnari Mory, but in G, rather than the usual key of D. The basses are unisonoric, so may not be what you expect if you’re trying to follow them! 🙂

The tune’s been ‘stretched’ slightly to fit into a 4/4 time signature rather than 3/4 as originally written by Jay.

Part of’s tune of the month January 2010.

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Princess Royal

A minor key version of Princess Royal, played in Am on a D/G Castagnari Mory by Clive Williams. The basses are modified (unisonoric) to allow the drone effect (and more).

Heavily based on a fiddle version of Princess Royal played by Chris Wood, english singer, songwriter, guitarist and violin player.

Part of’s tune of the month December 2009.

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L’Inconnu de Limoise as a Five Time Waltz

A reworking of Maxou Heintzen’s mazurka L’Inconnu de Limoise – the time signature is now 5/4. Yes, I know I did that to Speed the Plough last month, but this time it really works. Honest!

Played on a Streb midi melodeon in D/G (albeit a lower reed setting than I would normally use because I’m in the upper octave quite a lot in this version).

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L’Inconnu de Limoise

A French mazurka written by Maxou Heintzen –’s Tune of the Month November 2009. Come to and see lots more different versions!

I’ve played this on a standard Hohner Pokerwork in D/G (so the tune ends up in the key of G). Hope you enjoy it!

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