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Category: One Row G

Tich’s Reel

An ‘experimental’ version of this tune, played in the style of Cormac Begley’s inspirational bass concertina album, B. Play in the lower register, single reed, and rather than trying to avoid buttons and bellows noise, make use of its percussive qualities. Cormac’s rather better at this than I am, so buy his album.

The tune is Tich’s Reel, trad English, which I learned off an old 1980’s LP Red Shift, I think. Played on a Hohner 114 4-stop melodeon in G.

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Newly-weds Reel / Voyager’s Reel

A quick rip through these 2 tunes that I’ve known for years but never played out. Recorded for The Vaults Bar’s virtual session which looks like it’s going to be running for a while yet.

Quebecois reels popularised (in the UK anyway) by Chris Wood and Andy Cutting’s debut tape in 1990 or so.

Played on a Hohner 114 in G; it’s a bit clacky, but really very playable.

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The Atacama Hornpipe

A hornpipe I’ve just written tonight, and played on a Hohner 1 row in G – named in honour of the Atacama Large Millimeter Array telescope just gone live in Chile today. Part of’s Theme of the Month for March 2013, Hornpipes

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The Steamboat Hornpipe

A reasonably straight version of the traditional English hornpipe, the Steamboat. Played on an old Hohner 4 stop 1 row in G. This tune seems to suit a one row melodeon very well for some reason.

Played as part of’s Tune of the Month for November 2010 – goto to see lots more versions.

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Parsley’s Hornpipe – a new melodeon tune by Clive Williams’s Theme of the Month for June 2010 – Write a Tune!

I wrote this tune about an hour ago! I was meaning to write a clever 5 time waltz, but somehow this old English-style hornpipe came out instead.

The opening phrases bear more than a passing resemblence to Jim Boulton’s Fancy (I did a search!), but that’s coincidental – I’ve never actually heard JB’s before.

Played on a 1 row Hohner 114 in G.

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