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Category: One Row D

Quadrille de Laurentides pt4 / Unknown Reel played on Electronic Melodeon

The first of 2 recordings; this month, I’m using a Streb electronic melodeon, which features in-built melodeon samples, and midi output. Here I’ve got a sampled Hohner 1-row sound on the melody, and I’m using the bass to drive a piano line via midi. It’s a lot of fun to play, especially fast stuff.

These 2 tunes are Quebecois in origin, but I’ve learned this set from the playing on Chris Wood and Andy Cutting’s CD ‘Lisa’ – 30 years old this year. Where did that time go? No idea what the second tunes called, but it’s a cracker – if you know drop me a note.

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Trip to Stowmarket

A great tune written by the late Steve Dumpleton, a fine musician and teacher who passed away recently. This is’s tune of the month for August 2021.

Played on a Robert Boutet one-row melodeon in D.

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Hotfoot 2 / Sweet Ginger by Dave Whetstone

Two fast reels played as part of’s theme of the month for March 2018, Fast Tunes. These two were written by Dave Whetstone, and featured on his CD ‘The Resolution’. Dave gave up playing for a bit, but is doing occasional gigs now – which is great; he’s a really fine player.

The box I’m playing this on is a Robert Boutet Quebecois one row accordion in D.

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A one-row tune written for’s theme of the month for November 2017, One-Row tunes. I wrote this a few hours ago, while experimenting for a few ideas for what I should play; it’s harder than it looks, and needs 4 fingers on the treble to play fluently. Good exercise for us box players.

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The Gaspé Reel

A cracking 3 part reel played on a Robert Boutet one row in D. I’ve had to change the 3rd part slightly to make it fit on the one row. tune of the month, March 2016

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Polka Chinoise

Tune of the Month for, December 2014 – a traditional tune from Quebec, here played simply on a Robert Boutet one row melodeon in D.

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Blaydon Races played on multiple melodeons

Theme of the month for September 2014; play one tune on all your melodeons – so here we go:

Hohner 12 Bass G/C
Castagnari Lilly A/D
Robert Boutet one row in D
Hohner Preciosa 12 Bass in Bb/Eb
Hohner Club Modell 1 in C/F
Hohner Pokerwork in D/G
Castagnari Mory in D/G
Hohner Lucia in D/G/Accs
Castagnari Giasco I in D/G
Hohner 1 Row in G
Streb Electronic Melodeon in this case in Eb/Ab/Accs
“The Big Finish!” – Castagnari Magica CBA

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The Jolly Machine / Martha’s Comet

2 tunes ideally suited for a 1 row melodeon; in this case a newly tuned up Robert Boutet one-row in D. I wrote the first tune, The Jolly Machine, many years ago – not recorded it before until now though. Martha’s Comet is written by Sue Harris for her dance team; in fact, the *dance* is called Martha’s Comet, and the tune itself Evening Star, strictly speaking. It goes by both names. Martha’s Comet is a *much* cooler name though, don’t you think? theme of the month for January 2014, One Row Melodeon Music

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Theme Vannetais

A slightly different take on’s tune of the month for June 2013, Theme Vannatais. Played on a newly acquired Robert Boutet one row melodeon in D, but not played in D 🙂 (In fact, I don’t actually know what key it’s in; maybe a form of F# since that is one of the predominant chords in use). Backing courtesy of Chordbot…

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