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Category: One Row C

Boys of Bluehill

A #TunesdayTuesday contribution; I’m playing this on a 7 key Hero toy melodeon in C. You can pick these things up in toy shops for about £20 or so.

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The Gooseberry Bush played on Toy Melodeon

This is’s tune of the month for September 2020, The Gooseberry Bush, written very much in the traditional style by John Spiers. I’m playing this (twice, through the magic of video editing of course) on a Hero UC100 toy melodeon. This is a bit better to play than the normal Hero toy 7 key melodeons you’ll see quite often, but not much! It has 9 rectangular shaped keys, a bit like a piano keyboard, but it is a diatonic instrument in C.

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The Orangeville Reel written by Anahata,

Here’s Anahata’s great tune he wrote for’s write a tune theme, the Orangeville Reel, a tune written in the canadian style, and ideally suited for a one row melodeon. It also fits quite nicely on a 7 key chinese toy melodeon that I got for John and Scott (my 5 and 4 year olds) recently, so I thought I’d give it a go, and see what these little melodeons can do. Quite a lot apparently, but it’s hard work! I’ve added a piano backing via chordbot on my iphone, blanked out one of the reed banks inside the melodeon, and added (a lot) of reverb. Voila. Part of’s July 2012 theme of the month, play another melnet user’s tune. Sorry Anahata, but it had to be done, and I do like your version of Serpentina on a similar toy melodeon!

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