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Category: G/C

Sun Assembly

Tune of the month for October 2023 at, a traditional English tune that comes from a 1750’s tune book. It’s a march, but I’m hornpiping it a bit here.

Played on a Hohner Liliput in G/C, converted and rebuilt by Kay Albrecht.

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Robin’s Waltz

A waltz written by Jon Swayne (of Blowzabella fame). Some versions stick an extra bar on the end of the B music – I don’t. Played on a Hohner 1920’s G/C melodeon for’s tune of the month, September 2023.

This melodeon is for sale (as of 9/9/23); see if interested.

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Ceci N’est Pas Une Valse

A great tune written by Pascale Rubens of Naragonia, which is in 3 time, but used to teach how many different styles of 3 time tune are possible in addition to the waltz. This version isn’t a waltz, isn’t quite a bourree, and is more of a slow march.’s tune of the month for March 2023, played on a Van der Aa Compact III in G/C.

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Carol of the Bells

A rather too ambitious attempt at transcribing this carol to melodeon; I’ve listened to a few versions, and come to the conclusion that after the 2 main themes, people just break off into wild improvisation. I don’t do wild, but here we go. theme of the month for December 2022.

For info, it was written by Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovych in 1914.

Played on a Van der Aa Compact III in G/C

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Stoney Steps Hornpipe

Catching up on last month’s tune of the month, this is a fun little tune. I’ve reworked it slightly to make it fit on the instrument – a 3rd button start G/C Albrecht Liliput, and you’d need a full octave down to low C to make this work as written, which I don’t have, so a small phrase is played an octave up.

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La Marianne

A re-run of this tune of the month from 2011. 11 years on, I wonder if I play it any differently? This time I’m on a G/C Albrecht Liliput – a gorgeous little box that excels at this sort of stuff.

Traditional french apparently, discovered (rather than written as I previously thought) by Fred Paris.

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Bohème Waltz

This is a really gorgeous waltz, as played by french duo Pauline Caplier and Sylvain Letourneau who play as Bohème. I had thought they called themselves La Bohème, and as such could be shoehorned under the ‘tunes that start with L’ theme at this month… but no! Going to have to find another tune that does! Don’t know the real name of this tune, but fairly confident it was written by Pauline and Sylvain – they play their own compositions mostly.

See the original on their lovely concert on their facebook page, about half way through.

Played on a Van der Aa Compact III in G/C.

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Serpentiner och Konfetti

This is the tune of the month for May 2022, a great tune written by Mats Eden. Played on a G/C Albrecht Hohner Liliput conversion – it comes out in C.

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Sheep May Safely Graze

Here’s a go at J S Bach’s lovely piece, Sheep May Safely Graze, as close as I can make it on melodeon. I’m playing the first couple of minutes of it only, roughly, since after then it changes key *lots* of times, and goes from being fairly difficult to downright impossible. Not many melodeon versions of this on youtube, for very good reasons.

Played on a Van der Aa Compact III melodeon in G/C, transposed down 3 semitones to being mostly in G rather the original key of Bb.

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Jamais Deux sans Toi

Always liked this tune; this month’s theme of ‘tunes with names that start with J’ gives me the perfect excuse. Written by Stephane Delicq, of course, and I learned this of Massimo Craveri’s fantastic video whose videos are about as perfect a demo of the tune as we could possibly hope for. Inaccuracies are mine, and not his. Haven’t spent long learning this tune yet (30 mins!) so I’m not fluent yet, but here’s where I’ve got to so far.

Played on a Van der Aa Compact III in G/C, but this will fit on a standard 2 row 8 bass like pretty much all of Stephane’s music.

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