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Category: D/G

La Candela

Cyrille Brotto is a *fantastic* French melodeon player, on a different level from us mere mortals. This is one of his more famous tunes, a lovely mazurka, as played in his duo Brotto-Lopez (but without the singing!).

Played on a Castagnari Giasco in D/G, mostly on the G row, though it’s one of those tunes where I’m not entirely sure what key it is – one of the less common minor keys I think.

Obligatory improvised section 3rd time through 🙂

Part of’s theme of the month for January 2018, ‘New Tunes’

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Midnight on the Water (Electronic Version)

I’ve already recorded this tune earlier on the channel, so here’s a different approach. This time we’re playing on a Streb electronic melodeon, doing multi-tracked violin/strings through a Midi interface onto an iPad running ThumbJam.

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Elizabeth Clare (Second Version)

A second version of this, this time played in D (twice) and then G, on a D/G Castagnari Giasco I. I love this melodeon; it’s great at stuff like this. Elizabeth Clare was written by Chris Wood, and is’s tune of the month for November 2017.

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Planxty Madame Maxwell

An O’Carolan march, played for’s tune of the month for October 2017. Played on a D/G Castagnari Giasco I.

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La Bataille sur Le Petit Arbre

Theme of the Month for in July is ‘Tunes from Somewhere Else’ – tunes from places or cultures you don’t normally play. Well, I can’t play cajun music for love nor money, but this cajun waltz is just a corker. I learned it off the playing of one of the early Kathryn Tickell Band incarrnations, to which this is fairly accurate, but the original original cajun version is nothing like this. You can hear it, but it’s clearly changed feel and style in the translation to Kathryn. She learned it from the Boat Band, a cajun band from Cheshire if I recall. Played on a Castagnari Mory in D/G… though being cajun in origin, this is in A mixolydian. It relies on a low G note, without which you can’t do the turn around at the end of each section.

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Seven Stars

Here’s an old favourite, played simply on a D/G Castagnari Giasco I. This is in D, and all on the D row – a classic jig, and a favourite of sessions everywhere.’s tune of the month for July 2017 – we’re revisiting old favourites for a while.

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Eleanor Plunkett

Well, I like this tune. It made tune of the month after we all saw a lovely take on it by Roland Carson, so I’ve learned it up, and here we are. It seems to sit on this box, a Castagnari Giasco I in D/G just beautifully – like it was made for this tune. It’s an O’Carolan air of course. tune of the month for June 2017

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Pterodactyl 2 Step / Drowsy Dragon

2 fantastic tunes written by Huw Williams (no relation!) and played as a showstopping set in the middle of Huw and Tony Williams’ gigs. Huw would lament how he’d right all these fantastic songs – he’s an outstanding songwriter, singer and guitarist – then people would come up and go ‘play the melodeon one mate’ … and this is it. Freakishly inventive and really quite tricky… talented, talented chap is old Huw. Played on a Hohner pokerwork in D/G, which you pretty much have to, because of how the accidentals work.’s theme of the month for June 2017 is ‘animals’. Didn’t say it had to be either non-extinct or non-fictional animals!

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The Bluemont Waltz

Rodney Miller’s waltz, here slowed down and played in the Vivant style. Played in G on a D/G Castagnari Mory;’s tune of the month for May 2017.

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The South Wind

This month’s tune of the month; The South Wind, a 1700’s Irish trad tune. Played on a Castagnari Mory in D/G

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