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Category: Bb/Eb

Derriere les Carreaux

A slightly different version of Frederic Paris’ schottische, which is tune of the month at this month (November 2019). Lovely tune, been playing it for *years* which makes it hard to find anything different to do with it!

Here played on a Hohner Preciosa 12 bass in Bb/Eb. (we’re on the inside row, so we’re playing in F minor).

If you want to hear how I’d play it normally, here I am playing it live in concert with my mate Mark Prescott a few years back.

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Leyas Vaggvisa

Here’s my take on Lars Karlsson’s tune Leyas Vaggvisa. I’ve reworked it into the style of a nordic bridal march, turning the time signature into 4/4 in the process. It works quite well (I think) but the sound quality isn’t what I’d hoped – I’m recording directly from the Streb’s line output using the internal midi synthesiser. I’m playing mostly on the inside row of a Bb/Eb melodeon setting. tune of the month for October 2019.

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Lucy Farr’s

I’ve just learned this off my violin playing friend Mark Prescott – it’s full name is I believe Lucy Farr’s barndance. Not necessarily written by Lucy, but from her repertoire. Simple, but so effective.

Played on a Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb, as part of’s theme for July 2019, ‘Tunes you’ve just learned’.

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The Rope Waltz’s tune of the month for June 2019 is that traditional waltz from the Orkney Islands. Played on a Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb.

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The Blarney Pilgrim

June 2019’s theme at is 48 bar tunes, and here’s one of my favourites. A well known tune, common in sessions, but it’s still one of my favourite things when someone starts it. I’m playing a Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb.

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The Babylon

This tune is an english traditional tune dug up from obscure manuscripts by Becky Price and featured on Boldwood’s album ‘Glory of the West’. I think it’s a cracking tune. Played here on a 12 bass Bb/Eb Hohner Preciosa in C minor, but it fits fine on a standard 8 bass box too. Part of’s theme of the month for January 2019; tunes from the British Isles.

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Upon a Winter’s Morn

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago on piano, and it transcribes nicely on melodeon too – it’s a 5 time waltz played here in C minor on a Bb/Eb Hohner Preciosa. Part of’s theme of the month for December 2018, Christmas/Wintery/Festive tunes etc.

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An Italian Rant

A tune that goes by many names and found throughout Europe, but is known in the UK as ‘An Italian Rant’, which is it’s name in Playford’s Dancing Master.’s tune of the month for December 2018.

Played on a Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb, in F minor.

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