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Category: Van der Aa


Famous and wonderful waltz written by Andy Cutting; with many, many different versions of it out there. Here’s my reasonably straightforward take on it for’s tune of the month for December 2015. Played on a Van der Aa in G/C (so it the tune comes out in Am).

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Bourree No.32 from Terpsichore

From Michael Praetorius 1612 book, ‘Terpsichore’, comes this lovely happy tune. Played as part of’s theme of the month for September 2015, Something Obscure – this isn’t obscure in the classical world I admit, but it is in the melodeon world.

Played in C on a G/C/Acc Van der Aa Compact III.

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A beautiful but simple waltz from Denmark, learned many years ago from my good friends Derek and Lynn Chivers. A sedate English country dance waltz rather than a quicker French-style one.

Played on an 18 bass Van der Aa Compact melodeon in G/C/#, but this plays just fine on a one or two row box. theme of the month for August 2015; waltzes

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La Choca

A lovely waltz from southern France, learned from the playing of Chris Wood and Andy Cutting. This month’s theme of the month on is runners up, and I’ve tried to get this one through the poll on several occasions, it’s such a good tune. Came desperately close in April 2012!

Here played on a newly commissioned Van der Aa Compact 3 18 bass G/C/# melodeon, albeit that this tune could with a bit arrangement fit on an 8 bass without too much effort.

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Honey and Lemon

These are by some distance my favourite tunes by Julian Sutton. 2 (fastish) waltzes, played as a pair. Played on a newly acquired 3 row 18 bass Van der Aa melodeon in G/C, but to be honest I’m only playing the 2 rows and 8 basses you’d get on a standard melodeon. It sits well on a 2 row 8 bass box, providing you can turn off thirds in the second tune.

Played as part of’s theme of the month for February 2015, Food and Drink

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