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Here’s a go at Naragonia’s schottische, Hellibore played on a G/C Van der Aa. Great schottische, written by Toon Van Mierlo – normally played in G minor, though I’m playing it in A minor here. theme of the month for November 2021, tunes that start with ‘H’ of which this is a great example!

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Mary’s Waltz

A trad Cajun waltz learned many years ago from a fab guitar break by Ian Carr when he played in Kathryn Tickell’s band.

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Fai Ton Tra

A tune from the repertoire of Gaston Pouget played by Durif/Champeval on ’Dans les rochers du Viallaneix’ – thanks to Dave Shepherd for the info. Been playing it for years without knowing exactly where it came from, but it’s very much (and best as) a french fiddle tune. The Durif/Champeval CD is on Spotify by the way, and is *fantastic*.

Played for the Vaults Bar session 2021 on a Van der Aa Compact III in G/C.

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The Dream

A fantastic waltz by English gurdy player Cliff Stapleton, also known as The Dream Waltz. Not a tune I usually play solo; I used to play it in bands a bit, but tried it the other day on the Van der Aa in G/C, and it came out quite nicely. Played for the theme of the month for July 2021.

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The Northern Lass

My, haven’t played this in a while. Nice tune, trad English, learned in the traditional way… off a Roger Wilson CD.

Played on a G/C/# Van der Aa Compact III

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The Windmill played by Mark Prescott and Clive Williams

Mark and I used to play this tune many years ago; it’s dropped out of our repertoire more recently, though in hindsight perhaps it shouldn’t have. I recorded the original track last week; Mark sent me his track shortly after, and with a bit of mixing, here we are!

The tune is by Ben Dauncey, a phenomenal melodeon player from south England.

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The Windmill

This cracking waltz was (I think) written by English box player Ben Dauncey. Other than a video of Ben playing it, long since taken down, I don’t think I’ve heard any other versions of it. It’s a great tune. Played in Am on a G/C Van der Aa box. It was originally written in Am, and Ben used to play it on a 3 row D/G box with an unusual third row, half in A, half in C#.

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La Seduisante played by Vivant

This 5 time waltz is another Stephane Delicq tune, which Mark and I are working up at the minute. With the lockdown restarting things are on pause for a bit, but we recorded this a week ago for the Vaults Bar lockdown session a few days before lockdown started again.

I’m playing the Van der Aa Compact III in G/C.

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Nadieja played by Vivant

This mazurka was written by Stephane Delicq, whose music I’m very much into at the moment; learning up quite a few of his tunes. We haven’t recorded this on our CDs (yet) – who knows perhaps one day we will. If you’re interested in seeing what we have recorded visit

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