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Category: Van der Aa

Motorway Mazurka

A tune played for’s theme of the month for August 2020, Civil Engineering 🙂

This was written by Jon Swayne of Blowzabella, on a motorway.

Played on a Van der Aa Compact III melodeon in G/C.

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Molly Oxford

A quick run through of this on the Van der Aa melodeon in G/C for the Vaults Bar Virtual Session; we’re in C here. Recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020.

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Roslin and Adama

This piece is from Bear McCreary’s score for the 2004 TV version of Battlestar Galactica. It wasn’t written with the melodeon in mind, so I’ve had to work quite hard to make it fit. It’s a lovely piece that fits on the piano too.

Played on a Van der Aa melodeon in G/C for’s theme of the month for July 2020, TV music.

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Schottische Adele Blanc-Sec

Another quick contribution for the Virtual Vaults Bar Session, and also for’s theme of the month. This is Frederic Paris’ schottische Adele Blanc-Sec, played on a Van der Aa melodeon in G/C (so we’re in Am).

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Fidler’s Morris

This comes from the playing of John Dipper and Dave Malkin, who play an exquisite version on their album ‘ Tricks of the Trade’. I believe it is based on a traditional tune, but John and Dave have given it a radical rewrite and turned it into something really quite beautiful… when they play it anyway!’s theme of the month for May 2019 is Morris Tunes, and this is my contribution – to see how close I could get to the musicality of John and Dave’s version. Really quite hard, and the melodeon face is much in evidence. There’s still a lot of work to do on this to get it close, but it’s not bad for a week or two’s work.

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Valse efter Tor Lohne

This beautiful, beautiful tune was played by Chris Wood and Andy Cutting in the 1990’s – It’s one of my version piano pieces, but I’ve tried without success to get a decent melodeon version of it for years. This month’s theme following the ‘tunes with names in them’ theme; thought I’d try again as a bit of a challenge. It’s not that hard to play, but it’s hard to get the musicality in it.

Here I’m playing on a G/C Van der Aa Compact III in A minor.

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Arthur by Eric Theze

This is a version of Eric Theze’s wonderful mazurka/slow waltz “Arthur” learned mostly from Massimo Craveri’s lovely version. Eric is a truly incredible musician and composer on bandoneon, piano, and many other instruments too. Played as part of’s theme of the month for July 2018.

Here played on a Van der Aa Compact III melodeon in G/C.

I’ve uploaded a piano version too here

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Grenville Morris

This tune by Sam Sweeney is’s tune of the month for July 2018. It can be found on Leveret’s album Inventions which rather thoughtfully includes the music of the tunes in the CD case!

Played here on a G/C Van der Aa Compact III melodeon.

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Wassailing / I Saw Three Ships

2 Christmas tunes played as part of’s theme for December 2017, which is of course a Christmas themes again. These are played on a Van der Aa Compact III in G/C, in C.

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Old Christmas Morning

A take on French Carpenter’s ‘Old Christmas Morning’ – an amazing crooked Old Time fiddle tune from West Virginia. Learned off David Bragger’s excellent tutorial videos, here:

Played for’s theme of the month for December 2016, Christmas/Winter tunes on a Van der Aa Compact III in G/C.

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