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Category: Hohner Preciosa

The Babylon

This tune is an english traditional tune dug up from obscure manuscripts by Becky Price and featured on Boldwood’s album ‘Glory of the West’. I think it’s a cracking tune. Played here on a 12 bass Bb/Eb Hohner Preciosa in C minor, but it fits fine on a standard 8 bass box too. Part of’s theme of the month for January 2019; tunes from the British Isles.

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Upon a Winter’s Morn

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago on piano, and it transcribes nicely on melodeon too – it’s a 5 time waltz played here in C minor on a Bb/Eb Hohner Preciosa. Part of’s theme of the month for December 2018, Christmas/Wintery/Festive tunes etc.

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An Italian Rant

A tune that goes by many names and found throughout Europe, but is known in the UK as ‘An Italian Rant’, which is it’s name in Playford’s Dancing Master.’s tune of the month for December 2018.

Played on a Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb, in F minor.

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Radstock Jig

Here’s a take on this traditional old English tune, collected by Cecil Sharp. Played on a Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb as part of’s theme of the month for February 2018, Traditional tunes.

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Elizabeth Clare

A first attempt on this Chris Wood tune – I tried a couple of different versions of this – so thought I’d upload them both! This one is on a Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb, played in Eb. tune of the month for November 2017.

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Planxty Davis

A version of this tune composed by Thomas Connellan, an Irish harpist. This is a march time version, influenced by Nic Jones’ guitar version, rather than the hornpipe version common in irish set dancing circles.

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Morpeth Rant

A rather lovely traditional tune from northern England, and a true session classic. Here played in Bb, and then Eb, on a Bb/Eb Hohner Preciosa.

Tune of the month for April 2017 at

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Florinda / Organdi

2 french marches written by Gilles Chabenat, and popularised in the UK at least by Chris Wood and Andy Cutting in the … 1990’s. My word, is it really that long ago? They both fit beautifully on a melodeon. Played on a Hohner Bb/Eb Preciosa, and mostly in Eb. Part of’s theme of the month for March 2017, er, Marches.

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Beetle on the Wine

Another take on this tune, played on a Bb/Eb Hohner Preciosa (so we’re in Bb). Cracking reel written by Dave Whetstone of Albion Band and Cock and Bull Band fame. tune of the month for March 2017…

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Echuca Waltz

A traditional tune from Australia, learned for’s theme of the month for September 2016, Tunes from Australia. I haven’t managed to find any other recordings of this one anywhere yet! Quite a pretty little waltz, played in Eb on a Bb/Eb Preciosa

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