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Category: Hohner Pokerwork

Set La Cardeuse

Theme of the month at for February 2024 is tunes from Canada. I’ve known these tunes a long time, but never tried to play them, so here they go… they fit on a standard 2 row Hohner Pokerwork in D/G just fine.

I learned them from the playing of Chris Wood, who learned from Martin Carthy, who learned from Lisa Ornstein. I’m sure it’s lost a lot of its original quebecois-ness on the way, but they remain great tunes. I gather the second tune is La Cardeuse, and the first unnamed, unless you know different.

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Cuckoo’s Nest (Alternative Version)

Tune of the month at for February 2024, here’s a different version to the one I normally play which is elsewhere on my channel. This one is in D major, and is based (as best I can remember it) off the version De Danaan recorded. It’s a pretty neat version. Pleasantly surprised to find that it sits on a Hohner Pokerwork just fine, so here it is played on a D/G.

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Sir Sidney Smith’s March – A Tutorial

This is a fantastic tune, and’s tune of the month for December 2023. Quite tricky, so here I break it down to its individual bits, and take you through how to play it.

I’m playing it on a D/G Hohner Pokerwork, so it should work on any 2 row 8 bass box. On my melodeon, it’s a 3rd button start, the basses have the thirds taped off, and the B bass note is an octave lower than most boxes. Doesn’t matter for this tune of course.

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A schottische written by Andy Cutting,’s tune of the month for February 2023. Nice and straightforward… unless I’m playing it wrong, of course. Played in Bb on a Bb/Eb Hohner Preciosa.

Re-uploaded with improved sound.

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Manus Lunny’s Terracotta Plower Pop

Also known as Para Handy’s, since it was used as the theme for the 1990’s remake of Tales of Para Handy on scottish TV. Written by accordion genius Phil Cunningham.

Played, rather tangentially, for’s theme of the month for October 2022, tunes whose names start with P.

Played on a standard, albeit dry tuned, Hohner Pokerwork in D/G.

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The Quaker

A straight take of the english tune, The Quaker,’s tune of the month for July 2022. Great tune, which suits beautifully on the 2 row 8 bass D/G Pokerwork.

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Jiggery Pokerwork

A quick go at this John Spiers tune, played on a Hohner Pokerwork (of course). Great tune, and an alltime classic I think. Pleasantly surprised to find I can play it 🙂 theme of the month for February 2022, ‘Tunes that start with J’ – we’re working our way through the alphabet!

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Long Odds’s tune of the month for November 2021, a cracking english reel. Harder than it looks! Played on a Hohner Pokerwork in D/G.

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Flatbush Waltz

Another tune that ‘starts with F’ –’s theme of the month for August 2021. This is a lovely tune written by Andy Statman, and until this month, not one that I thought fitted on melodeon – it does, but you need to play it in B minor rather than E minor.

Played on a standard D/G Hohner Pokerwork.

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