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Category: Castagnari Mory

Vivre played by Vivant

Another tune from our June 2020 lockdown music morning where we played a few tunes on Horsefair Green in Stony Stratford together. That won’t make a lot of sense if you’re watching this 10 years in the future, but right now, we are bang in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, and are keeping 2 metres apart from each other, as is the rest of the country. Strange times. The tune is Vivre, written by Stephane Delicq.

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La Boite a Frissons

I learned this tune a *long* time ago, and still enjoy playing it. I don’t normally play it “out” though. It’s a Jean Blanchard fast waltz, played in Em on a Castagnari Mory in D/G, and played for both the Vaults Bar virtual session and theme of the month “Minor Tunes”.

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Molinara / Flatworld

Another of a series of tune sets that I play in sessions that I’m recording every week or so for the Vaults Bar virtual session. I used to play these 2 with GIG CB, and indeed they’re on their first CD “Giant!” (recorded 20+ years ago!).

These are waltzes in Em (played on a D/G Castagnari Mory) written by Jon Swayne and Andy Cutting respectively. Flatworld is pretty much “traditional” now, of course.

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The Height of Cader Idris

Theme of the month at for January 2020 is mountains, hills, etc – this air came instantly to mind. It’s traditional, but discovered/played by English instrumental trio Leveret and found on their album ‘In the Round’. Cader Idris is of course a mountain in mid Wales.

Played on the Castagnari Mory in D/G.

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Hector the Hero played by Vivant

Mark and I recorded this last night while having a run through of tunes; I’m on the Castagnari Mory in D/G, although I’m playing it in single voice (I usually use either both high reeds, or all 3 reeds).

The photography is aerial shots taken of the area around Stony Stratford, taken from this blog:

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Jan Lucas’ / Tallis’ Canon played by Vivant

We’re playing at All Saints Church, Calverton, Near Milton Keynes, starting at 7pm on 12th October 2019.

Here by way of a short demo is a video of us trying out the acoustic, playing one of our old sets Jan Lucas’ / Tallis’ Canon. Jan Lucas’ is a misremembered version of Jan Lucas’ tune ‘The Obvious Mat’. It doesn’t bear a lot of resemblance to the original really. Tallis’ Canon was written by Thomas Tallis. It is of course a canon, so can be played in the round, but we play it straight. The sound is recorded straight from our playing in the church – no post-recording enhancements.

Tickets available for £10 (includes ploughman’s supper) from Odell’s in Stony Stratford High Street, or call Jill Barby on 01908 569245

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The Webley Twizzle

Tune of the month for September 2019 on is this morris tune. Unusual in it’s structure – it’s 4 bars in the A music, then 5 bars in the B music to fit the dance. This isn’t really a dance speed version of course.

Played on a Castagnari Mory in D/G

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The Wounded Huzzar

Also known as Captain O’Kane, and originally composed by O’Carolan. A beautiful air, learned from the playing of Leveret as part of’s theme for August 2019, ‘Tunes you’ve just learned’ and played on a Castagnari Mory in D/G.

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