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Category: Hohner 114 1 Row

The Atacama Hornpipe

A hornpipe I’ve just written tonight, and played on a Hohner 1 row in G – named in honour of the Atacama Large Millimeter Array telescope just gone live in Chile today. Part of’s Theme of the Month for March 2013, Hornpipes

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The Steamboat Hornpipe

A reasonably straight version of the traditional English hornpipe, the Steamboat. Played on an old Hohner 4 stop 1 row in G. This tune seems to suit a one row melodeon very well for some reason.

Played as part of’s Tune of the Month for November 2010 – goto to see lots more versions.

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Parsley’s Hornpipe – a new melodeon tune by Clive Williams’s Theme of the Month for June 2010 – Write a Tune!

I wrote this tune about an hour ago! I was meaning to write a clever 5 time waltz, but somehow this old English-style hornpipe came out instead.

The opening phrases bear more than a passing resemblence to Jim Boulton’s Fancy (I did a search!), but that’s coincidental – I’ve never actually heard JB’s before.

Played on a 1 row Hohner 114 in G.

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