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Category: Hohner Club Modell I

Blue Sausage Island

Here’s a go at Blue Sausage Island, Cliff Stapleton’s amazing schottische, Cliff being a cracking gurdy player and composer of course. Genuinely difficult on melodeon, so apologies for any simplifications that may be flying through. We’re in D minor on a C/F Hohner Club 1 here. theme of the month Sep 2017 is Schottisches; this is part of that.

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Valse Gitanes

This is a La Chavannee tune, I’m fairly certain – written by Eric Montbel. Having such a generic name, there’s *LOTS* of different tunes called this, but I think this is. a lovely waltz that fits beautifully on a 2 row 8 bass box, and here played on a C/F Hohner Club I.

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Blaydon Races played on multiple melodeons

Theme of the month for September 2014; play one tune on all your melodeons – so here we go:

Hohner 12 Bass G/C
Castagnari Lilly A/D
Robert Boutet one row in D
Hohner Preciosa 12 Bass in Bb/Eb
Hohner Club Modell 1 in C/F
Hohner Pokerwork in D/G
Castagnari Mory in D/G
Hohner Lucia in D/G/Accs
Castagnari Giasco I in D/G
Hohner 1 Row in G
Streb Electronic Melodeon in this case in Eb/Ab/Accs
“The Big Finish!” – Castagnari Magica CBA

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Flowers of Edinburgh

A version of Flowers of Edinburgh, bearing a distinct, but not exact resemblance to the Bampton Morris version. tune of the month for August 2014.

Played on a Hohner Club Modell I in C/F

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“Oh Joe” Bourree

A reworking of the East Anglian polka ‘Oh Joe the Boat is Going Over’ into a french style bourree. This mostly involves changing the music to mixolydian mode and playing with a bourree style. Played on a Hohner 1930’s Club in C/F (so the tune comes out in C Mixolydian). Tune of the Month for September 2011.

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Derriere les Carreaux / Knife Edge played by Vivant on Violin and Melodeon

2 schottishes; the first written by Frederic Paris; the second a reworking of the Knife Edge Polka (but a Schottische). Part of’s theme of the month for June 2011 – Duets and Collaborations. Vivant are Mark Prescott (violin) and Clive Williams (melodeon). The melodeon is a 1930’s Hohner Club in C/F. Recorded live at St Mary and St Giles Church, Stony Stratford, June 2011.

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3 French Waltzes

3 Waltzes, played as part of’s Theme of the Month August 2010 – “Tunes from France”.

1) Pirouette, written by the late, great Stephane Delicq
2) L’amant de Saint Jean, written by Emile Carrera
3) Les Flots du Danube, written by Iosef Ivanovici, which makes it a Romanian tune. Oops. Never knew that until tonight when I thought it might be polite to credit the composer and looked into it!

Played on a Hohner Club C/F melodeon (all the tunes are in D minor).

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Nutting Girl

Here’s this month’s Tune of the Month from – The Nutting Girl, a classic morris tune. This version isn’t meant to be any of the many different morris variants in particular; it’s just how I came to play it when I picked up my box tonight, and is therefore somewhat of a mongrel.

Played by Clive Williams on a 1930’s Hohner Club melodeon in C/F.

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