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Category: Hohner Club Modell I

Rose and Crown

A tune set that shifts key,’s theme of the month for September 2022. This particular one is an unnamed mazurka uncovered by the Late Night Band and named (by them) after a local pub, Rose and Crown. Not the original name – if you know what it is, please let me know. Blowzabella recorded this as simply ‘A minor mazurka’. I’m playing it on a C/F Hohner, and it goes from D minor to A minor in my version.

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Naja’s Waltz

Naja’s Waltz comes from the Danish String Quartet, and is written by one of their members, Fredrik Sjölin. A lovely gentle waltz, and as nice as this version is, you should really listen to the Danish String Quartet original.

Played for’s theme of the month for July 2022 on a C/F Hohner Club I, so we’re in D minor.

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Le Gabier de Terre Neuve

A lovely breton song tune, played for’s theme of the month for Sep 2021, ‘Alphabet – G’. Learned off the playing of Andy Cutting (an instrumental version), but I note Emmanuel Pariselle does a lovely version of the song itself.

Played on a Hohner Club I in C/F.

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Brother Trip Foot

A quick blast through September 2021’s tune of the month at, ‘Brother Trip Foot’. Great tune, never heard it before. Played on a Hohner Club I in C/F.

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Dashing White Sergeant

A classic Scottish tune, typically played for a classic Scottish dance of the same name. Always known the tune but never played it before I had to learn it for the Pamplemousse ceilidh band I play in; we can do quite a number of Scottish dances in our set.

Played on a Hohner C/F melodeon (in C, so not a session friendly key, sorry) – part of the theme of the month for May 2021.

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Chestnut / Dove’s Vagary / Dove’s Figary

A playford tune, half of which I remember learning as a child! I’m playing this rather faster than you’d normally hear it (normally it would be march/procession speed, and quite merrily missing out that accidental in the first part) – I quite like it at this pace. Am playing on a C/F Hohner Club I, so we’re in D minor. tune of the month for May 2021.

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Sous le Ciel de Paris (C/F version)

Oops, played this for the online vaults bar session, without realising I’d already recorded it in 2013 (!). That was on a G/C, this time I’m playing on a Hohner C/F Club 1. If you listen back to the earlier version, you might see if I’m approaching it any different 8 years later in my playing. Probably not! 🙂

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Silta played by Clive Williams and Mark Prescott

Mark and I played this in the garden for the Vaults Bar lockdown session (we’re still in Covid lockdown for those viewing this in 10 years time) – this is the first time we’ve been able to play together for 4-5 months. Despite being April, it snowed – you’ll see the snow at the end of the video… so this is all we got to play.

Silta was written by finnish accordion player, Markku Lepisto.

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Schottische des Landes’s tune of the month for April 2021; this time, I think I’ve recorded the right schottische 🙂 Played this in more sessions than I care to count …. back in the day. So here we go, played more or less straight from session memory.

The box is a C/F Hohner Club 1 – in a session I’d probably play it on a D/G in G.

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Jan Mijne Man / Go Mauve

A couple of tunes that were popular in sessions in the 90’s… and probably still are. They’re from the playing/arrangements of Blowzabella, and feature on their album Vanilla. Yes, I know I’m missing the switch to Gm; don’t have the Eb chord on this box. Jan Mijne Man is trad. Danish, Go Mauve was written by Ian Luff.

Played on a Hohner Club I in C/F, so the tunes come out in D minor.

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