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Category: Hohner Albrecht Liliput

Sun Assembly

Tune of the month for October 2023 at, a traditional English tune that comes from a 1750’s tune book. It’s a march, but I’m hornpiping it a bit here.

Played on a Hohner Liliput in G/C, converted and rebuilt by Kay Albrecht.

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Stoney Steps Hornpipe

Catching up on last month’s tune of the month, this is a fun little tune. I’ve reworked it slightly to make it fit on the instrument – a 3rd button start G/C Albrecht Liliput, and you’d need a full octave down to low C to make this work as written, which I don’t have, so a small phrase is played an octave up.

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La Marianne

A re-run of this tune of the month from 2011. 11 years on, I wonder if I play it any differently? This time I’m on a G/C Albrecht Liliput – a gorgeous little box that excels at this sort of stuff.

Traditional french apparently, discovered (rather than written as I previously thought) by Fred Paris.

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Serpentiner och Konfetti

This is the tune of the month for May 2022, a great tune written by Mats Eden. Played on a G/C Albrecht Hohner Liliput conversion – it comes out in C.

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Speed the Plough Pentatonic Waltz

By my reckoning, this is the 4th time I’ve done Speed the Plough in some form or another on this channel. This time, it’s reworked as a waltz, but in a pentatonic scale, so changing the tune to avoid all uses of the 4th and 7th notes in the scale.’s theme of the month for January 2022.

Played on a Kay Albrecht Lilliput conversion in G/C.

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This month’s tune of the month at, Machynlleth – a Welsh 4 part polka. Fairly straightforward to play; my biggest problem with learning this one was confusing the 2nd and 4th parts.

Played on a G/C Kay Albrecht converted Hohner Liliput.

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La Mal-Aimable tune of the month for January 2020 is this french waltz written by Jean-Christophe Lequerre. Sits quite nicely on a 2 row 8 bass instrument – in this case a Hohner Liliput conversion in G/C.

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Hunt the Squirrel’s tune of the month for Dec 2019 is this classic 32 bar jig; always a favourite of mine. Here played in C on a G/C Hohner Liliput converted by Kay Albrecht.

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Frost and Snow

A seasonal offering for’s theme of the month for December 2019 – Christmas and Winter. This is an irish hornpipe found in O’Neill’s, but quite obscure. I learned it off a bluegrass christmas album. Played in D minor on a G/C Hohner Liliput.

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Mr Gubbins’ Bicycle

A lovely hornpipe written by english melodeon guru John Kirkpatrick. Here played on a Kay Albrecht Lilliput in G/C. Part of’s theme of the month for November 2019, Hornpipes.

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