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Category: Hohner 1920s Model


A mazurka written by Gregory Jolivet of Blowzabella, and learned from their latest album “Two Score”. Fits on melodeon really quite nicely, needing a small accidental note at the end of the B music, but that’s about it.’s theme of the month is mazurkas; this video is part of that. Played on a restored 1920’s Hohner in G/C

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Scarborough Fair

Here’s a version of Scarborough Fair played on a G/C 1920’s Hohner Melodeon only using the standard 2 rows and 8 basses; not the extra 4 basses available on this instrument. theme of the month for November 2015, Tunes’s that Lester Bailey *hasn’t* covered in his tune-a-day blog.

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Idbury Hill

Here’s a 2nd go at this tune (I had a go at a jig version of this a couple of years ago) – this version is a straight 4/4 version played in D minor on a 1920’s Hohner G/C melodeon. Apart from the first time through where a D chord on the push is needed, this is perfectly playable on any 2 row 8 bass instrument with thirds off. tune of the month for November 2015

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L’Inconnu de Limoise

Another version of this, played as part of’s tune of the month for November 2014. This time, it’s played on a Hohner 1920’s model in G/C (and played in C). This great mazurka was written by Maxou Heintzen of course.

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Evening Glory

A great tune written and played by Naragonia; a 5/4 waltz commonly played in F; here played in C on a Hohner G/C melodeon.

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Sous le Ciel De Paris

Jean Drejac’s 1950’s parisian waltz, immortalised (in the melodeon world anyway) by Tony Hall as ‘Banks of the Seine’. Played on a G/C 1920’s Hohner; part of tune of the month for September 2013.

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Swedish Waltz

Other than the Guerbigny/Pacher CD I found it on, which simply calls it Swedish Waltz, I don’t know what this tune is called. Does anyone else know?

Played on a 1920’s Hohner in G/C.

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Pas d’Ete de Medoeux

An irresistably catchy tune from Poitou France, learned from the playing of Benoit Guerbigny; part of Theme of the Month for July 2013.

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Taken from the wonderful playing of Duo Absynthe, this is a traditional (unknown title) Arin-Arin tune from the Basque area of Spain.

Played on a G/C 1930’s Hohner melodeon; part of’s theme of the month for February 2013, Tunes from Spain.

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In Continental Mood (Jig)

A jig version of Andy Cutting’s beautiful waltz, In Continental Mood. Played on a Hohner 1930’s melodeon in G/C; tune of the month for February 2013.

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