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Month: September 2022

Old Light

A lovely air written by Andy Cutting, learned in the traditional way… from his CD. I’m playing this on a Bb/Eb Hohner Preciosa, so we’re in C minor. Part of’s theme of the month for August 2022, tunes with names that start with O.

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Stoney Steps Hornpipe

Catching up on last month’s tune of the month, this is a fun little tune. I’ve reworked it slightly to make it fit on the instrument – a 3rd button start G/C Albrecht Liliput, and you’d need a full octave down to low C to make this work as written, which I don’t have, so a small phrase is played an octave up.

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Rose and Crown

A tune set that shifts key,’s theme of the month for September 2022. This particular one is an unnamed mazurka uncovered by the Late Night Band and named (by them) after a local pub, Rose and Crown. Not the original name – if you know what it is, please let me know. Blowzabella recorded this as simply ‘A minor mazurka’. I’m playing it on a C/F Hohner, and it goes from D minor to A minor in my version.

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La Marianne

A re-run of this tune of the month from 2011. 11 years on, I wonder if I play it any differently? This time I’m on a G/C Albrecht Liliput – a gorgeous little box that excels at this sort of stuff.

Traditional french apparently, discovered (rather than written as I previously thought) by Fred Paris.

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