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Month: January 2022

I’m Not Fed Up with the Pacific Ocean

A lovely tune written by Ola Bäckström and on the Swap album ‘Mosquito Hunter’ (you can hear the original on Spotify) played for’s theme of the month for January 2022, tunes with names starting with the letter I. Never played this before, and quite a tricky structure to it – 3 parter, with the A and C part sounding very similar, but with an ever so slightly different structure. Nightmare to get right consistently, and I do get it wrong once here. Can you hear where?

Played on a Hohner Lucia in D/G, though it works just fine on a standard 2 row in D/G too.

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Speed the Plough Pentatonic Waltz

By my reckoning, this is the 4th time I’ve done Speed the Plough in some form or another on this channel. This time, it’s reworked as a waltz, but in a pentatonic scale, so changing the tune to avoid all uses of the 4th and 7th notes in the scale.’s theme of the month for January 2022.

Played on a Kay Albrecht Lilliput conversion in G/C.

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