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Month: August 2021

Flatbush Waltz

Another tune that ‘starts with F’ –’s theme of the month for August 2021. This is a lovely tune written by Andy Statman, and until this month, not one that I thought fitted on melodeon – it does, but you need to play it in B minor rather than E minor.

Played on a standard D/G Hohner Pokerwork.

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Fisher’s Hornpipe

A fine traditional hornpipe, here played a bit slower than usual, and with a little more swing. Also known as the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ tune, after being featured in the soundtrack.

Played for’s theme of the month for August 2021, ‘Alphabet Soup – F’, on a Castagnari Giasco in D/G.

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Trip to Stowmarket

A great tune written by the late Steve Dumpleton, a fine musician and teacher who passed away recently. This is’s tune of the month for August 2021.

Played on a Robert Boutet one-row melodeon in D.

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