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Turel’s Hornpipe / Philippe Bruneau’s

2 tunes, one of which I’ve just learned, one of which I’ve known for goodness knows how many years but never played in ‘public’ before.

I learned the first in the traditional way, off youtube (Will Allen’s channel), and the second from a Folkworks workshop when I was just starting playing 30 years ago or so. I can’t promise to be playing Philippe Bruneau’s with anything like the Quebecois punch of the master, and to be honest, I’m not particularly trying to put a Quebec spin on it. I’m just playing a tune I thought would go nicely with Turel’s.

Played for the Vaults Bar virtual session, during the Covid 19 2020 lockdown. The melodeon is a D/G/Accidentals conversion of a Hohner Lucia CBA, though I’m only playing on the D row. It is a blazingly fast box, and great at stuff like this.