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Month: August 2017

Valse Gitanes

This is a La Chavannee tune, I’m fairly certain – written by Eric Montbel. Having such a generic name, there’s *LOTS* of different tunes called this, but I think this is. a lovely waltz that fits beautifully on a 2 row 8 bass box, and here played on a C/F Hohner Club I.

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La Petit Bal Marine

Fran├žois Deguelt’s musette waltz, learned from the playing of great french musician, Marc Perrone. This version is in Am and G (on a G/C Hohner Lilliput conversion by Kay Albrecht); pretty much the only way you can sensibly fit it on a 2 row 8 bass instrument. The original was in Am and A I think. This is a quick, early attempt at this at resurrecting this (first attempted 25 years ago) – the version by, for example, 21 Boutons shows I’ve some way to go…

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