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Month: January 2014

The Jolly Machine / Martha’s Comet

2 tunes ideally suited for a 1 row melodeon; in this case a newly tuned up Robert Boutet one-row in D. I wrote the first tune, The Jolly Machine, many years ago – not recorded it before until now though. Martha’s Comet is written by Sue Harris for her dance team; in fact, the *dance* is called Martha’s Comet, and the tune itself Evening Star, strictly speaking. It goes by both names. Martha’s Comet is a *much* cooler name though, don’t you think? theme of the month for January 2014, One Row Melodeon Music

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Foul Weather Call

A fairly simple take on this traditional tune, played on a Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb – here I’m playing on the outside row mainly, so we’re in Bb. tune of the month for January 2014.

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