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Month: December 2013


Here’s an alternate version of this great tune by Nigel Eaton, played on a Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb.

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Christmas Day Ida Moarning on Electronic Melodeon

Here’s my contribution to’s Christmas Tunes theme of the month; this gorgeous ‘listening tune’ from Shetland, written by Shetland fiddler Fredamann Stickle who used to play this tune to the laird every Christmas apparently.

Played in D on a Streb electronic melodeon using a sample set taken from a dry tuned Castagnari melodeon, although with these settings it sounds rather more expressive and almost like a harmonica I would say.

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Halsway by Nigel Eaton, on the My Melodeon iPad App

Introducing the My Melodeon melodeon simulator app for the iPad and iPhone, here being used to play Nigel Eaton’s great tune Halsway. Here we’re simulating my 2.5 row D/G Mory! Other simulators are available for irish (semitone tuned) accordions, B/C/C#, B system and C system chromatics.

Part of’s Tune of the Month for December 2013…

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