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Month: November 2012

Orange B / Jan Mijne Man

A demo set for my friends in GIG CB who wanted to learn the first tune (which was written by Wim Claes); I’ve included the other schottische I usually pair it with when I play it with Mark Prescott in Vivant. Here it’s played on a Castagnari Mory in D/G, so both tunes come out in E minor (sorry Mark, you’ve got to learn it in another key!); Orange B is usually played in B minor of course.

Paired with Jan Mijne Man, learned from the playing of Blowzabella. Traditional Danish, I believe.

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Valse de Jouets (G/C Version)

I had a request to play this on the Hohner G/C melodeon (I’ve already done it on a Bb/Eb), so here we are, a G/C version. Lovely tune, isn’t it? Written by Michel Faubert from Quebec by the way.

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Mrs Saggs, on CBA

Here we are, 4 months into learning the Chromatic Button Accordion; Chris Wood’s gorgeous slow air/thing, Mrs Saggs. Still learning how to play the CBA so please forgive the diabolical technique; it’s a work in progress! See also the melodeon version I’ve also just uploaded for comparison.

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Mrs Saggs

Chris Wood’s gorgeous slow air/thing, Mrs Saggs played on a Castagnari Mory in D/G (so it comes out in G). Played for’s Theme of the Month for November 2012, Slow Airs.

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Herbert the Sherbert

Martin Ellison’s great 32 bar jig, here played on a Hohner 1930’s melodeon in G/C. tune of the month for November 2012

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