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Month: November 2011

Beatrice Hill’s Three Hand Reel

A slowed down version of Beatrice Hill’s Three Hand Reel, played on a Castagnari Mory melodeon in D/G (the tune’s played here in G). As far as I know, the tune’s traditional.’s tune of the month for November 2011.

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The Rose Tree / Beetle on the Wine

2 fastish 32 bar reel/polka things, played on a 1930’s Hohner G/C by Clive Williams (the tunes are both in G as played here)

The Rosetree is traditional, and described as either Irish, Scottish or English depending on who you ask. Beetle on the Wine written by fine English melodeon player, Dave Whetstone.

Part of’s Theme of the Month for November 2011 – 32 bar Reels and Polkas

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