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Month: June 2011

Derriere les Carreaux / Knife Edge played by Vivant

2 schottishes; the first written by Frederic Paris; the second a reworking of the Knife Edge Polka (but a Schottische). Part of’s theme of the month for June 2011 – Duets and Collaborations. Vivant are Mark Prescott (violin) and Clive Williams (melodeon). The melodeon is a 1930’s Hohner Club in C/F. Recorded live at St Mary and St Giles Church, Stony Stratford, June 2011.

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Lemmie Brazil’s No. 2

A classic hornpipe played on a 1930’s Hohner melodeon in G/C (twice through in G, twice through in C),’s tune of the month June 2011.

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