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Month: August 2010

2 French Bourrees

Here’s 2 french bourrees – the first one a 2 time bourree in 2/4, and the second a three time bourree in 3/8. Classic french tunes, sneakily put together to encourage dancers to do a normal line bourree to the first, then a distressingly quick line bourree to the second as the pace suddenly snaps up!

Played on a very recently restored (by ace melodeon restorer Mike Rowbotham) Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb (which puts these tunes in C minor).

The first is ‘Last Chance Bourree’ by Michel Pichon; the second is ‘Entre Deux’, which is traditional as far as I know.

Part of’s French theme of the month for August 2010

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The Nutting Girl, alternative version

A different take on the classic morris tune, The Nutting Girl – this time it’s turned into a minor key (C minor actually), and played on a Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb – a recent ebay purchase, rebuilt for me by ace melodeon restorer Mike Rowbotham.
If the sound on this video is a little iffy, it’s my recording (oops, deleted the main sound file, had to use the backup), not the melodeon!

Part of’s tune of the month for August 2010.

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3 French Waltzes

3 Waltzes, played as part of’s Theme of the Month August 2010 – “Tunes from France”.

1) Pirouette, written by the late, great Stephane Delicq
2) L’amant de Saint Jean, written by Emile Carrera
3) Les Flots du Danube, written by Iosef Ivanovici, which makes it a Romanian tune. Oops. Never knew that until tonight when I thought it might be polite to credit the composer and looked into it!

Played on a Hohner Club C/F melodeon (all the tunes are in D minor).

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Nutting Girl

Here’s this month’s Tune of the Month from – The Nutting Girl, a classic morris tune. This version isn’t meant to be any of the many different morris variants in particular; it’s just how I came to play it when I picked up my box tonight, and is therefore somewhat of a mongrel.

Played by Clive Williams on a 1930’s Hohner Club melodeon in C/F.

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