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Melodeon Video Posts

Miss Denise Dryburgh

Here’s a local tune for’s theme of the month for May 2024, tunes from your country. This was written by a chap who lives about 10 mins walk from me, Phil Underwood, for his wife-to-be, Denise Dryburgh. Lovely tune, isn’t it?

Played on a Castagnari Giasco I in D/G.

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Very Jeune’s tune of the month for May 2024 is Hartwin Dhoore’s Gavotte de l’Aven, ‘Very Jeune’. I’m playing this in G, on a Castagnari Mory in D/G. I’m not very familiar with this french bal dance, so please forgive any timing inconsistencies.

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Here’s a fantastic fiddle jig written by Casey Driessen … squeezed as best I can on melodeon. If you like this, listen to Casey’s version to hear how it should be played; there’s only so much I can do on a restricted instrument like a melodeon, and since I’m not Casey. What a musician!

Here played on a Hohner 1920’s box in G/C for’s theme of the month of April 2024, ‘Tunes from USA’

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North Downs Way’s tune for April 2024 is this cracker written by Chris Wood. I’m playing this on a Castagnari Lilly in A/D on the inside row, so we’re in D here.

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The Hills of Kaitoke

A lovely tune written by Catherine Fraser, a scots-style, but Australian, fiddler. The hills are the Rimutaka Ranges that surround YMCA Camp Kaitoke in New Zealand. Learned from the playing of Talisk, who normally play it in E, but I’m playing it in the more session friendly key of D here.

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Set La Cardeuse

Theme of the month at for February 2024 is tunes from Canada. I’ve known these tunes a long time, but never tried to play them, so here they go… they fit on a standard 2 row Hohner Pokerwork in D/G just fine.

I learned them from the playing of Chris Wood, who learned from Martin Carthy, who learned from Lisa Ornstein. I’m sure it’s lost a lot of its original quebecois-ness on the way, but they remain great tunes. I gather the second tune is La Cardeuse, and the first unnamed, unless you know different.

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Cuckoo’s Nest (Alternative Version)

Tune of the month at for February 2024, here’s a different version to the one I normally play which is elsewhere on my channel. This one is in D major, and is based (as best I can remember it) off the version De Danaan recorded. It’s a pretty neat version. Pleasantly surprised to find that it sits on a Hohner Pokerwork just fine, so here it is played on a D/G.

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Citi ma GCumman

A lovely tradition irish waltz, learned from the playing of William Coulter. Played on a Hohner Preciosa in Bb/Eb; a tune for’s theme of the month for January 2024 – irish music.

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Midnight on the Water (in Bb)

Luke Thomason’s waltz – one of my favourite all time tunes. Recorded this one at least twice before, so this time I’m playing it in Bb on a Bb/Eb Hohner Preciosa.’s tune of the month for January 2024.

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